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About This Hamper

Some like it hot, some like it hotter, and some like it so hot they can hardly stand it (and then some!). Enjoying the taste of pain is certainly a rare thing, and not everyone can bear it. Not everyone wants to bear it. And the good news is that with Montezuma’s Chilli Gone Barmy gift hamper, you don’t have to like it as hot as the sun… You just need to like it spicy and have an adventurous side!

Numbing the tongue with chillies is one thing, but when it comes to delicate and intense taste sensations, new and palette testing flavours, and something that is designed for those who appreciate the exciting and exhilarating, this brilliantly different gift hamper (which includes a modern chocolate brown box and hot red ribbon) really gives the best of both worlds; a blaze of fiery chilli heat, and the smooth as silk hot of cocoa cool.

Beautifully flavoured to give just the right amount of spice, whether it’s zesty truffles, lime infused chocolate bars, or good old fashioned (with a piquant new twist!) drinking chocolate, the recipient of this hot gift will glow with joy at the mere thought of trying the different varieties of chilli chocolate delight.

Give this gift to those who like it different. Give it to those who like it spicy. Give it to those who enjoy taking risks. They may think they’ve tried everything, but they won’t be expecting this hit of heat! Don’t worry, it won’t hurt them – each special chocolate has been created to promote pleasure, not pain. And the Chilli Gone Barmy collection really does live up to its name; crazy and exciting, it’s exactly the right present for someone who lives outside the lines!

The heat may be subtle and deep, but the thrill will be intense!

The Type of Hamper

This gift is perfect for chocoholics who have a sweet tooth. Chocolate is loved by people of all ages making this a safe gift idea for fussy people!

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for birthdays Celebrate a special birthday for a special person with a special hamper! These hampers are often filled with a selection of tasty treats and some even come with a birthday cake!

Perfect for Father's Day Say thanks to Dad for everything he has done for you in his lifetime with this hamper designed with Dad in mind. Expect it to have plenty of treats that Dad will love on Father's Day.

Perfect for Mother's Day Say thanks to Mum for everything she has done for you in her lifetime with this hamper designed with Mum in mind. Expect it to have plenty of treats that Mum will love on Mother's Day.

Say "thanks" Say thank you with a gift hamper of treats. This hamper is great as a thank you gift for a teacher, or for a house-sitter, or for someone who has helped you out recently. Designed to be budget friendly this hamper offers a wonderful impact and will be greatly welcomed.

The Presentation

A presentation box is usually made of thick sturdy coloured cardboard and most of the times has a magnetic flip-open lid. If you want a hamper with a thoughtful impact, but without the cost of a wicker basket, then this is the next best thing. The presentation box can be reused for storage after the contents of the hamper have been consumed.

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