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About This Hamper

You can feel Christmas before it happens. There’s a fizzing, buzzing excitement in the air. The nights are dark and cold yet the lights seem different somehow; brighter, jollier, warmer. The atmosphere everywhere is simply happier as the big day skips towards us with its fun, celebrations, and family time.

Christmas is, in a word, joyous. It almost feels like a living thing that embraces everyone and makes us all feel good.

Traidcraft understand how special Christmas should be, and have developed the most wonderful gift basket – the Fair Trade Festive Hamper – so that you can celebrate the season with good food, great drink, and the amazingly gladdening feeling of helping others.

The Fair Trade Festive Hamper contains an array of Yuletide goodies, including a moist, light panettone (presented in its own silk bag), eye-opening caramel espresso chocolate, fruity South African Cabernet Sauvignon, and moreish mixed nuts, as well as a multitude of other delicious treats. All of these marvellous morsels are presented in a Bangladeshi hogla basket made from all natural materials. Once all the food and drink has finally been consumed, this rustic looking hamper will look wonderful in any home.

Christmas is special, so give a special gift; the Fair Trade Festive Hamper from Traidcraft.

The Type of Hamper

This hamper is likely to feature a bottle or two of alcohol or may be based entirely around a type of liquor. These types of hamper are perfect for a wide range of people from those who like the occasional tipple through to those who know their hops or grapes.

Feel festive with this wintery feel hamper featuring a collection of hearty foods and perhaps some warming tipples. Ideal for Christmas or to celebrate an event in Autumn or Winter festive hampers are lavish and are an indulgent treat.

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for Christmas Christmas hampers are arguably the most popular of all hamper categories and this hamper is no exception. It features a selection of festive goodies and treats to be enjoyed along or shared with friends and family!

The Presentation

A wicker or reed basket is a perfect alternative to a wicker hamper and is usually used for smaller gifts where a hamper would offer too much space for the contents inside. The basket offers a traditional feel but without taking up too much space. It is also handy for reusing as a basis for a gift, as open top storage or as something like a container for potpourri.

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  1. Posted Thursday 15th November 2018 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    I am looking for fair trade hampers.
    Mostly variety ones that is fairly big.
    Wee have a budget of £80.
    Thanks Tanvir

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