A Quarter Of Gift Hampers

A Quarter Of have created a selection of bumper hampers and magical gifts chock-full of nostalgic sweets and treats you will remember from childhood. It doesn’t matter how old you are you will love reminiscing as you munch through these collections of pick and mix style sweets!

My Favourite A Quarter Of Hampers

Love Me Do

From £11.35

Whopping Penny Mix Jar


Retro Sweet Hamper

From £39.97

A Quarter Of Product Range

Retro Sweet Hamper

It’s been a long, hard day at work, or a trying one with the kids. One of those days. You...

From £39.97

Sweet Decades Box

What was your favourite sweet as child? What would make you press your nose up against the sweet-shop window and...

From £38.57

Wooden Box of Nostalgia

For a sweet to be perfect it has to look good, smell good and of course taste good. These wooden...


Personalised Retro Sweets Jar

There are presents, and then there are presents. You know the ones; they make the stunned recipient quite literally speechless....


Whopping Penny Mix Jar

There was nothing better as a child than standing at the shop counter and watching someone count your penny sweets...


Large Jar of Nostalgia

This wonderful selection of sugary treats will transport you back in time quicker than Dr Who in his time machine. ...


Love Me Do

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a candy necklace.  At school giving someone a candy necklace was basically the...

From £11.35

Kilner Jar of Sweets

These fabulous kilner jars full of sweets are an awesome sight to behold. While many could be tempted to purchase...

From £9.97

Personalised Bucket of Sweets

We all have childhood memories of some sort but the ones that always make us smile, regardless of age is...

From £9.95

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