Confectionery Hampers

Everyone loves a bit of kitsch nostalgia and it doesn’t get more nostalgic than pick and mix confectionery. These hampers hark back to a wonderful era when sweet shops were all over the country, selling a quarter pound of this and a quarter pound of that. Reminisce with a favourite selection of sweets.

My Favourite Confectionery Hampers

Movie Box

From £16.99

A Taste of Thorntons Hamper


Ravishing Retro


Whopping Penny Mix Jar


Confectionery Hampers Product Range

Sweet Treats Hamper

You have to be aged between 8 and 108 to enjoy the whole 14, yes 14 bags, bars and boxes...


Sweet Mega Mix

The good old megamix recordings really were fantastic – a string of songs remixed and tagged together so that there...

From £42.50

Retro Sweet Hamper

It’s been a long, hard day at work, or a trying one with the kids. One of those days. You...

From £39.97

Chocolate Fest Assortment

Chocolate is good for you. No, it’s true. Really. You’re not dreaming. As long as you don’t over do it...


Gift Tower

Our Gift Towers are legends in the world of hampers.  They have taken the idea of giving a hamper to...

From £30.00

Personalised Retro Sweets Jar

There are presents, and then there are presents. You know the ones; they make the stunned recipient quite literally speechless....


Decade Gift Box

As L. P. Hartley so famously said; “The past is a different country. They do things differently there.” True? Just...

From £24.95

Whopping Penny Mix Jar

There was nothing better as a child than standing at the shop counter and watching someone count your penny sweets...


Ravishing Retro

There is a certain kind of joy that comes with searching through old photo albums, seeing all those faces, all...


A Taste of Thorntons Hamper

Don’t disappoint any chocoholic by not giving them this gift.  We have especially chosen the best that Thorntons have to...


Large Jar of Nostalgia

This wonderful selection of sugary treats will transport you back in time quicker than Dr Who in his time machine. ...

From £19.37

Movie Box

The ingredients of a great night in… what are they exactly? Well, there’s got to be snacks. There’s got to...

From £16.99

Kilner Jar of Sweets

These fabulous kilner jars full of sweets are an awesome sight to behold. While many could be tempted to purchase...

From £9.97

Personalised Bucket of Sweets

We all have childhood memories of some sort but the ones that always make us smile, regardless of age is...

From £9.95

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