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Funky Hampers offer a range of gift ideas and gift hampers to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions. Here you’ll find a wide range of products at a range of prices perfect for shopping for a friend or a family member.

My Favourite Funky Hampers Hampers

New Baby Gift Box

From £15.00

Movie Box

From £16.99

Decade Gift Box

From £24.95

New Home Gift Box


Funky Hampers Product Range

Deluxe New Baby Hamper

A new baby is an incredibly exciting, joyous, wonderful time in any parent’s life. It’s a unique experience, and one...

From £69.99

New Home Hamper

The sight of a removals van is one that will never fail to induce excitement, even if it’s not meant...


Mummy and Me Gift Set

Birth is a lot of hard work, for both the new baby, and the new mummy. So it’s little wonder...

From £51.95

Teddy Bouquet Box

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s that they grow. Fast. One minute they’re incredibly tiny, amazingly delicate,...

From £48.95

New Baby Hamper

Parents to be have a lot to think about. A name for the baby, the question of where they will...

From £45.99

Baby Blossom Box

Watching a baby grow and blossom is all part of being a parent, family member, or friend. It’s incredible to...

From £42.90

Personalised Baby Hamper

A name is probably the most important thing you can give a baby. It offers an identity, a way that...


Sweet Mega Mix

The good old megamix recordings really were fantastic – a string of songs remixed and tagged together so that there...

From £40.00

Take Away Spa Hamper

A spa day would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Imagine being pampered, being looked after, being waited on hand and foot,...


Animal Baby Gift Set

Some gifts are simply made to last, and to be something that everyone remembers for many good years to come....

From £31.49

Decade Gift Box

As L. P. Hartley so famously said; “The past is a different country. They do things differently there.” True? Just...

From £24.95

New Home Gift Box

Moving house is stressful. It doesn’t matter where you’re moving from, or where you’re moving to, and it doesn’t matter...


Movie Box

The ingredients of a great night in… what are they exactly? Well, there’s got to be snacks. There’s got to...

From £16.99

New Baby Gift Box

Babies mean a lot of things – love, happiness, excitement, tiredness, joy, confusion… Every emotion that can be thought of...

From £15.00

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