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Funky Hampers offer a range of gift ideas and gift hampers to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions. Here you’ll find a wide range of products at a range of prices perfect for shopping for a friend or a family member.

My Favourite Funky Hampers Hampers

New Baby Gift Box

From £15.00

Movie Box

From £16.99

Decade Gift Box

From £24.95

New Home Gift Box


Funky Hampers Product Range

Deluxe New Baby Hamper

A new baby is an incredibly exciting, joyous, wonderful time in any parent’s life. It’s a unique experience, and one...

From £69.99

New Home Hamper

The sight of a removals van is one that will never fail to induce excitement, even if it’s not meant...


Mummy and Me Gift Set

Birth is a lot of hard work, for both the new baby, and the new mummy. So it’s little wonder...

From £51.95

Teddy Bouquet Box

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s that they grow. Fast. One minute they’re incredibly tiny, amazingly delicate,...

From £48.95

New Baby Hamper

Parents to be have a lot to think about. A name for the baby, the question of where they will...

From £45.99

Baby Blossom Box

Watching a baby grow and blossom is all part of being a parent, family member, or friend. It’s incredible to...

From £42.90

Sweet Mega Mix

The good old megamix recordings really were fantastic – a string of songs remixed and tagged together so that there...

From £42.50

Personalised Baby Hamper

A name is probably the most important thing you can give a baby. It offers an identity, a way that...


Animal Baby Gift Set

Some gifts are simply made to last, and to be something that everyone remembers for many good years to come....

From £31.49

Decade Gift Box

As L. P. Hartley so famously said; “The past is a different country. They do things differently there.” True? Just...

From £24.95

New Home Gift Box

Moving house is stressful. It doesn’t matter where you’re moving from, or where you’re moving to, and it doesn’t matter...


Movie Box

The ingredients of a great night in… what are they exactly? Well, there’s got to be snacks. There’s got to...

From £16.99

New Baby Gift Box

Babies mean a lot of things – love, happiness, excitement, tiredness, joy, confusion… Every emotion that can be thought of...

From £15.00

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