Hampergifts Gift Hampers

Hampergifts specialise in creating stunning high quality hampers. They produce a range of open baskets finished with a hand-tied bow as well as some superb gift towers.You can also find a range of beautiful traditional lidded hampers as they offer a wide range of hampers for every occasion.

My Favourite Hampergifts Hampers

Christmas Surprise


Christmas Cracker Hamper


Gift Tower

From £30.00

Whiskey Surprise


Hampergifts Product Range

Majestic Hamper

Majestic – a word that conjures up images of kings and queens, stately homes, golden carriages, and fairy tale stories....


Royal Hamper

You don’t have to be Royalty to buy this hamper but when you do buy it and see it, you...


Christmas Decadence

Decadence… a word that conjures up images of luxurious self indulgence, and blissful enjoyment of everything around you. Sounds good....


Christmas Splendour

One well chosen, delicately flavoured, hand made or organically grown gift is a nice touch at Christmas. Two is special....


Christmas Celebration Hamper

How does your Christmas go? Do you do the same wonderful, warming things each year (put up the tree and...


Xmas Grande Hamper

There’s no such thing as too much at Christmas. It’s simply impossible. It’s the one time of the year at...


Deluxe Baby Basket

There’s so much to do when a new baby enters the world. There’s so much to think about. New parents...

From £99.99

Christmas Cheer

Christmas cheer… is there anything else quite like it? Summer is wonderful, and makes people smile, but the togetherness of...


Whisky Lovers Hamper

Our very popular Whisky Lovers Hamper is perfect for the whisky lover in your life, the clue’s in the name,...


Yuletide Delight Hamper

Yuletide was the ancient medieval celebration of what we in the twenty first century call Christmas. The word itself was...


Christmas Joy

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king!” That’s a fantastic Christmas carol, with a...


Lindt Chocolate Hamper

Hmmm the Lindt name.  Admit it, who can say that name without thinking of the melt in the mouth creamy...


Whisky Lovers Hamper

There’s more to whisky than whisky. Which is something that whisky lovers know and understand very well. Whisky is the...


Christmas Treasures

Dig down deep enough into any celebration, and you’ll find the true meaning behind it. Christmas may seem like a...


Noel Hamper

Imagine the perfect Christmas gift. It would be gorgeous to look at, wouldn’t it? It would be useful. It would...


White Christmas

Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas this year? The idea of watching the flakes fall on Christmas Eve, or waking...


Rich Plum Bowl

Plums are one of the group of super foods. What does that mean exactly? It means that by using the...


Christmas Ruby

Red is the colour of Christmas. From holly berries to Santa’s outfit, there’s red in everything jolly and festive. Red...


Whiskey Surprise

Whisky is warming. Whisky is strong. Whisky is sweet, and bold, and delicious. Whisky is enjoyed by people of all...


Savoury Food Hamper

Sweets and treats and all things sugary are some people’s idea of heaven. All that gooey, sticky, cakey, chocolatey, syrupy...


Christmas Carol Hamper

One of the best things about Christmas is Christmas carols. Whether they are sung by choirs, harmonies rising to the...


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