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About This Hamper

Christmas can be as fun or as serious as you want to make it. We recommend making it fun, though. Even a romantic Christmas for two can be jolly. Even a cosy Christmas for one can be a laugh. And the one thing that is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone and everyone’s face, is a Christmas cracker.

With that first tentative pull, the stinging bang (or dull squeak if something didn’t quite go to plan) is a fanfare for tumbling novelties, terrible jokes, and torn paper hats. Look back at the photographs of your Christmases past, and there’s bound to be at least a few with someone wearing one of those hats, or screwing their eyes tight shut against the fury of an imagined cracker explosion.

Christmas crackers are a must.

And the Christmas Cracker hamper from Hamper Gifts, although full of more quality and less plastic, is just as much fun as the Christmas coloured tubes of mirth that sit on the dinner table and wait for the first brave soul to pull them.

Inside this Christmas Cracker you’ll find miniature crackers to start the party off with a bang. But there’s more than that packed into this smart black box – there is a family size fruit cake and shortbread biscuits, tomato chutney and chocolate coated almonds, there’s breakfast coffee and refreshing tea.

So enjoy yourself this Christmas, and enjoy the Christmas Cracker hamper too!

The Type of Hamper

Feel festive with this wintery feel hamper featuring a collection of hearty foods and perhaps some warming tipples. Ideal for Christmas or to celebrate an event in Autumn or Winter festive hampers are lavish and are an indulgent treat.

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for Christmas Christmas hampers are arguably the most popular of all hamper categories and this hamper is no exception. It features a selection of festive goodies and treats to be enjoyed along or shared with friends and family!

The Presentation

A presentation box is usually made of thick sturdy coloured cardboard and most of the times has a magnetic flip-open lid. If you want a hamper with a thoughtful impact, but without the cost of a wicker basket, then this is the next best thing. The presentation box can be reused for storage after the contents of the hamper have been consumed.

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