Thank You Hampers

Say thank you with a special hamper full of wonderful treats. These hampers are perfect as a thank you teacher gift or as a thank you to a friend who was a house-sitter whilst you are on holiday!

My Favourite Thank You Hampers

Chocolate Bar Library

From £2.49

Continental Hamper


Cadbury Chocolate Wine

From £20.00

Thank You Hamper


Thank You Hampers Product Range

Bliss Chocolate Hamper

The Latin name for the tree from which cocoa is derived is Theobroma cacao, which literally means the food of...


Middleton Hamper

Mr Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’ How right he was and...


Chocolate Prosecco Collection

Only buy this gift for someone you really care for and you know they will share!  What gift is even...


Lindt Chocolate Hamper

Hmmm the Lindt name.  Admit it, who can say that name without thinking of the melt in the mouth creamy...


Celebration Hamper

The Cadbury’s colour purple is renown world wide and quite rightly so.  It is a brand that is high in...


Cadbury Deluxe Hamper

Why do we love chocolate so much? Is it the smoothness as it melts over your tongue just before you...


Thorntons Signature Collection

Anything with the Thornton’s name attached to it means quality and this collection is no different. Any chocoholic will love...


Cadbury Chocolate Wine Hamper

Baskets can be fairly boring things. They can be full of dirty laundry, or attached to the front of a...


Knightsbridge Hamper

When you hear Knightsbridge, you think of exclusiveness, quality living, great style and ultra expensive but that is not the...


All Bar None

You should buy this if you are considering any kind of gift hamper.  If you are, or know someone who...


Rich Plum Bowl

Plums are one of the group of super foods. What does that mean exactly? It means that by using the...


Cadbury Milk Tray Champagne

Say it with flowers will be a saying of the past when you hand over this amazing gift – the...


Sweetie Hamper

Yummy!  From lollies and liquorice to Rolo and Revels let us take you back to your innocent, or not so,...


Luxury Champagne Hamper

This gift hamper really is brimming with bubbly and tantalising tastes of truffles, but not just any truffles – Marc...


Whiskey Surprise

Whisky is warming. Whisky is strong. Whisky is sweet, and bold, and delicious. Whisky is enjoyed by people of all...


Savoury Food Hamper

Sweets and treats and all things sugary are some people’s idea of heaven. All that gooey, sticky, cakey, chocolatey, syrupy...


Retro Sweet Hamper

It’s been a long, hard day at work, or a trying one with the kids. One of those days. You...

From £39.97

Take Away Spa Hamper

A spa day would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Imagine being pampered, being looked after, being waited on hand and foot,...


Prosecco Hamper with Vienne...

You know what we mean when we talk about giving you the chance to have a taste of indulgence. This...


Cadbury Sharing Hamper

We can all be a little bit selfish sometimes, can’t we? We’ve all been guilty of buying a friend or...


Wine Chocolates Hamper

For the person who has a passion for fine wine. Our Wine Hampers have been created with you in mind,...

From £27.00