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About This Hamper

This is a perfect hamper for someone who is nuts about nuts. The Nicely Nuts hamper is crammed full of nutty goodness encased in delicious world class, top quality chocolate. Thorntons really have pulled out all of the stops with this hamper.

Everyone knows that nuts are good for you with being a great source of energy amongst having other health benefits so by buying this hamper for someone you are not only telling them you care about how they feel; you are practically enhancing their health for them. The chocolate that encases these fabulous nutty morsels is of course also very good for any person. Anyone who has heard of the saying "A little of what you fancy does you good" will agree with this.

Any person who has enjoyed any of the fabulous chocolate wonders that Thornton produces will agree that a box of these nutty chocolates will absolutely do wonders for the mood. It is a mystery why pharmacies don't stock these to be honest.

For a nutty friend, or nut-loving friend this gift makes a great birthday or thank you present. Anyone receiving a hamper such as this would be thrilled, both by the quality and the generous amount of chocolate and nut fun contained within the hamper. This is most definitely not a chocolate feast that could be devoured in one go unless of course you are sharing it as you actually only need a few of the rich chocolates encased nuts to send your senses reeling.

For a thanks, a birthday gift, an anniversary feast or simply to enjoy during a special evening in with friend or family this nutty hamper is very nice indeed. With a wide variety of nut types and chocolate combinations to get to grips with it is safe to say that diving into this Nicely Nuts hamper will be a great adventure and is sure to help you find some new favourites to add to your top chocs list.

The Type of Hamper

This gift is perfect for chocoholics who have a sweet tooth. Chocolate is loved by people of all ages making this a safe gift idea for fussy people!

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for birthdays Celebrate a special birthday for a special person with a special hamper! These hampers are often filled with a selection of tasty treats and some even come with a birthday cake!

Ideal for Christmas Christmas hampers are arguably the most popular of all hamper categories and this hamper is no exception. It features a selection of festive goodies and treats to be enjoyed along or shared with friends and family!

Perfect for Father's Day Say thanks to Dad for everything he has done for you in his lifetime with this hamper designed with Dad in mind. Expect it to have plenty of treats that Dad will love on Father's Day.

Perfect for Mother's Day Say thanks to Mum for everything she has done for you in her lifetime with this hamper designed with Mum in mind. Expect it to have plenty of treats that Mum will love on Mother's Day.

Say "thanks" Say thank you with a gift hamper of treats. This hamper is great as a thank you gift for a teacher, or for a house-sitter, or for someone who has helped you out recently. Designed to be budget friendly this hamper offers a wonderful impact and will be greatly welcomed.

The Presentation

This is the most economical option for hampers as the shipping carton doubles up as a hamper. Why pay for a presentation box or a wicker hamper when the shipping carton can do a good job at giving a first impression. Usually the contents are hidden in amongst shredded paper or foam packing peanuts to ensure a safe delivery.

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