Paul A Young Dark Choc Fudge Brownie Review


Okay, picture the best chocolate brownie you’ve ever tasted. No doubt it’s a slab of delicious chocolatey goodness, perhaps quite dense and quite stodgy.

Now meet a chocolate brownie a million times better than that.

Paul A Young ShopI’d completely forgot about chocolate brownies whilst visiting the Paul A Young shop on Wardour Street in Soho, London, until I was just about to pay. The man behind the counter was packaging a fresh batch of them and I had a flashback to the reviews I’d read before visiting London. After reading them I thought I must buy one of these, and nearly forgot as I was wrapped up in the world of chocolate truffles. Isabelle, my new chocolate bestie, offered me a sample of a brownie (everyone loves a free sample) and I knew at that point I’d found the best chocolate brownie in the world. Offered a choice of flavours I opted for the classic, a plain dark chocolate fudge brownie any my treat was bagged up with my chocolate truffles (read my review here).

When I got back home it was the first thing I reviewed. Believe me it was hard work fighting temptation all the way back home but I just about managed it!

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On the outside the brownie looked pretty much like your typical brownie. It was a decent portion size and wrapped in simple clear plastic film. Upon opening the parcel of joy it smelt intensely of cocoa aromas. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

So what did it taste like? Simply put, heaven on a plate! It reminded me more of a dessert than a snack and wouldn’t be amiss cut diagonally lengthways and served with a berry jus at a swanky restaurant.

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The texture was gooey thanks to the fact it was incredibly moist. It still had a classic dense brownie texture but interestingly on the palette it was very light. My eyes saw a dense brownie slice but my mouth was telling me it was light and flavourful. It had an intense chocolate flavour with subtle hint of a fudge coming through after this. For an idea of how moist the brownie was check out this extreme closeup of chocolatey joy:

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And then it was gone. And I was sad. But at least now I have a very good reason to go back to London!

If you appreciate great chocolate and like the occasional indulgent treat then I highly recommend buying a Paul A Young chocolate brownie. From memory there were a couple of flavours available (though I can’t remember what they were). My tip would be to start with the classic (so you can compare the quality against other “brownies” you have had before) and then move onto the other flavours.

Paul A Young don’t offer online ordering (yet) but I’m pretty sure they’d be able to post out brownies as this one travelled very well. If you want to experience the best brownie in the world (according to me) and can’t get into London then give them a ring and see what they can do.

Disclosure: I paid £3.95 for a slice of chocolate brownie heaven from the Paul A Young London Soho store and wasn’t asked for a review.

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