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About This Hamper

Boxes are the best part of Christmas. Unopened, wrapped neatly and prettily in festive wrapping paper, sitting under the tree, they are filled with anything you want them to be. It is only upon opening these beautiful boxes that we are faced with the reality of what is actually within. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And sometimes, as with The Christmas Box from Harrods, absolutely stunning.

It’s the anticipation of opening boxed presents that is the exciting bit. Wondering what’s inside, longing to find out, and, when opening the Christmas Box, the fact that you’re not going to be disappointed is a bonus!

Inside this cheerful box are more, equally lovely boxes and tins. And these contain the real delight – loose leaf tea spiced with Christmas scents and tastes, traditional Christmas pudding full of fruit, less traditional (but just as delicious) biscuits, and a jar of preserve, just for you.

Imagine you or your loved one spreading that extra special jam onto a piece of toast on Christmas morning, and sipping at the Christmassy tea. What a perfect way to start the day. Christmas pudding rounds of lunch, and later, when it’s quieter, you can nibble on biscuits.

Give this as a gift to someone who deserves a bit of Christmas cheer, or buy it for yourself for being good throughout the year.

The Type of Hamper

Feel festive with this wintery feel hamper featuring a collection of hearty foods and perhaps some warming tipples. Ideal for Christmas or to celebrate an event in Autumn or Winter festive hampers are lavish and are an indulgent treat.

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for Christmas Christmas hampers are arguably the most popular of all hamper categories and this hamper is no exception. It features a selection of festive goodies and treats to be enjoyed along or shared with friends and family!

The Presentation

A presentation box is usually made of thick sturdy coloured cardboard and most of the times has a magnetic flip-open lid. If you want a hamper with a thoughtful impact, but without the cost of a wicker basket, then this is the next best thing. The presentation box can be reused for storage after the contents of the hamper have been consumed.

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