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About This Hamper

Do you know someone who has no fear of cheese? We’re not talking about mild cheddar or a bit of blue here, we don’t mean some strings of mozzarella on a pizza or a few cubes of feta. We mean the real stuff, the hard stuff, the stuff that smells – and leaves its odour around the area for hours (days!) after the last morsel has been hungrily consumed.

Yes, that cheese. The sort of cheese that makes grown men weep and children run away screaming.

It’s not for everyone… not everyone is capable of chowing down on this kind of monstrously strong delicacy, but for those who can, it really is the ultimate in taste. The ultimate in skill too – it takes a clever nose to ignore the aroma and get on with the eating. And the Ultimate Pong Box from Pong certainly doesn’t shy away from the fact that some (the best, perhaps) cheese stinks; it relishes the fact, it lives for it. Just like the person you want to award the Ultimate Pong Box to.

This is some incredibly pungent cheese, and some of it was even banned from the Paris Metro – now that’s smelly!

Want to treat someone to something they’ll never forget? The then Ultimate Pong Box is just the thing – it’ll linger!

The Type of Hamper

A cheese hamper is a great social gift and can be enjoyed by one person or a group of people. These are filled with artisan or exotic cheeses with complex flavours to be savoured.

The Perfect Occasion

Ideal for birthdays Celebrate a special birthday for a special person with a special hamper! These hampers are often filled with a selection of tasty treats and some even come with a birthday cake!

Ideal for Christmas Christmas hampers are arguably the most popular of all hamper categories and this hamper is no exception. It features a selection of festive goodies and treats to be enjoyed along or shared with friends and family!

The Presentation

This is the most economical option for hampers as the shipping carton doubles up as a hamper. Why pay for a presentation box or a wicker hamper when the shipping carton can do a good job at giving a first impression. Usually the contents are hidden in amongst shredded paper or foam packing peanuts to ensure a safe delivery.

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