Birthday Hampers

Happy birthday to you! Nothing says happy birthday than unwrapping a hamper of tasty treats and goodies. These hampers are perfect for sending to relatives far away and shows that you care. They are also a wonderful present idea for those difficult people who seemingly have everything!

My Favourite Birthday Hampers

Chocolate Bar Library

From £2.49

Movie Box

From £16.99

Chocolate Dipping Adventure

From £18.00

Continental Hamper


Birthday Hampers Product Range

All Bar None

You should buy this if you are considering any kind of gift hamper.  If you are, or know someone who...


English Selection Box

It might be that when you are asked (if you ever are) where the best cheese comes from, you answer...


Manfield Hamper

Move over ‘let’s do lunch’ and a big fat welcome to ‘let’s do afternoon tea!’ The tradition of Afternoon Tea...

From £49.00

Cadbury Milk Tray Champagne

Say it with flowers will be a saying of the past when you hand over this amazing gift – the...


Tantalising Tapas Kit

Looking for a gift for someone that has everything?  Send them over the moon!  Not literally of course, but by...


Sweetie Hamper

Yummy!  From lollies and liquorice to Rolo and Revels let us take you back to your innocent, or not so,...


Whiskey Surprise

Whisky is warming. Whisky is strong. Whisky is sweet, and bold, and delicious. Whisky is enjoyed by people of all...


Luxury Champagne Hamper

This gift hamper really is brimming with bubbly and tantalising tastes of truffles, but not just any truffles – Marc...


Savoury Food Hamper

Sweets and treats and all things sugary are some people’s idea of heaven. All that gooey, sticky, cakey, chocolatey, syrupy...


Sweet Mega Mix

The good old megamix recordings really were fantastic – a string of songs remixed and tagged together so that there...

From £40.00

Retro Sweet Hamper

It’s been a long, hard day at work, or a trying one with the kids. One of those days. You...

From £39.97

Best Parent In The World Gi...

Parents are pretty precious people. They created us, for one thing, so that’s something to thank them for to begin...

From £39.95

Take Away Spa Hamper

A spa day would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Imagine being pampered, being looked after, being waited on hand and foot,...


New Mums Box of Indulgence

Hooray! Pregnant! Now that’s exciting, that’s wonderful, that’s an actual little human being growing in there… Wow! It’s true, pregnancy...


Gardeners Tuck Tin

We love this and we know you will too.  We try and keep our gifts interesting and useful, so let...


Chocolate Fest Assortment

Chocolate is good for you. No, it’s true. Really. You’re not dreaming. As long as you don’t over do it...


Ultimate Pong Box

Do you know someone who has no fear of cheese? We’re not talking about mild cheddar or a bit of...


Vegetarian Cheese Lovers Box

It can be a hard task, finding something suitable for a vegetarian’s tastes, especially when it comes to food. But...

From £34.00

Gorgeous Gift Box for Her

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel. Classy and fabulous. A great way to describe the...


Bath Organic Selection Box

Bath is a beautiful city. Its rich tapestry of history, stretching back to the Romans in around AD 60, combines...


Gift Tower

Our Gift Towers are legends in the world of hampers.  They have taken the idea of giving a hamper to...

From £30.00