Christmas Hampers 2018

Arguably the most popular time of the year for sending gift hampers, Christmas hampers are filled with seasonal produce and treats perfect for warming up on a cold Winter’s day. Send a hamper to relatives far away or buy one yourself to offer a range of festive treats when the family come around.

My Favourite Christmas Hampers

Chocolate Bar Library

From £2.49

Movie Box

From £16.99

Chocolate Dipping Adventure

From £18.00

Continental Hamper


Christmas Hampers Product Range

Whisky Lovers Hamper

There’s more to whisky than whisky. Which is something that whisky lovers know and understand very well. Whisky is the...


Lindt Chocolate Hamper

Hmmm the Lindt name.  Admit it, who can say that name without thinking of the melt in the mouth creamy...


Christmas Treasures

Dig down deep enough into any celebration, and you’ll find the true meaning behind it. Christmas may seem like a...


Pamper Collection

Everyone likes a bit of pampering, whether they admit it or not, we all know it is hard to resist. ...


Cadbury Chocolate Wine Hamper

Baskets can be fairly boring things. They can be full of dirty laundry, or attached to the front of a...


Celebration Hamper

The Cadbury’s colour purple is renown world wide and quite rightly so.  It is a brand that is high in...


Thorntons Signature Collection

Anything with the Thornton’s name attached to it means quality and this collection is no different. Any chocoholic will love...


Cadbury Deluxe Hamper

Why do we love chocolate so much? Is it the smoothness as it melts over your tongue just before you...


Knightsbridge Hamper

When you hear Knightsbridge, you think of exclusiveness, quality living, great style and ultra expensive but that is not the...


Signature Collection Port

It is always difficult to buy ‘For Him’, whether it is his birthday, Father’s Day or anniversary, it is never...

From £50.00

All Bar None

You should buy this if you are considering any kind of gift hamper.  If you are, or know someone who...


White Christmas

Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas this year? The idea of watching the flakes fall on Christmas Eve, or waking...


Noel Hamper

Imagine the perfect Christmas gift. It would be gorgeous to look at, wouldn’t it? It would be useful. It would...


English Selection Box

It might be that when you are asked (if you ever are) where the best cheese comes from, you answer...


Manfield Hamper

Move over ‘let’s do lunch’ and a big fat welcome to ‘let’s do afternoon tea!’ The tradition of Afternoon Tea...

From £49.00

Rich Plum Bowl

Plums are one of the group of super foods. What does that mean exactly? It means that by using the...


Pong Christmas Extravaganza...

One of the best parts of Christmas (and there are many, it’s the best time of year for enjoying yourself)...


Cadbury Milk Tray Champagne

Say it with flowers will be a saying of the past when you hand over this amazing gift – the...


Sweetie Hamper

Yummy!  From lollies and liquorice to Rolo and Revels let us take you back to your innocent, or not so,...


Luxury Champagne Hamper

This gift hamper really is brimming with bubbly and tantalising tastes of truffles, but not just any truffles – Marc...


Christmas Ruby

Red is the colour of Christmas. From holly berries to Santa’s outfit, there’s red in everything jolly and festive. Red...