Christmas Hampers 2018

Arguably the most popular time of the year for sending gift hampers, Christmas hampers are filled with seasonal produce and treats perfect for warming up on a cold Winter’s day. Send a hamper to relatives far away or buy one yourself to offer a range of festive treats when the family come around.

My Favourite Christmas Hampers

Chocolate Bar Library

From £2.49

Movie Box

From £16.99

Chocolate Dipping Adventure

From £18.00

Continental Hamper


Christmas Hampers Product Range

Gift Tower

Our Gift Towers are legends in the world of hampers.  They have taken the idea of giving a hamper to...

From £27.99

Wine Chocolates Hamper

For the person who has a passion for fine wine. Our Wine Hampers have been created with you in mind,...

From £27.00

Pink Collection

Pretty in Pink has never been clearer than when looking at this beautiful gift.  Lots of passion and imagination have...


Continental Selection Box

Cheese is made all over the world, and each different region and country has its own strengths. Which is why...

From £26.00

Christmas Surprise

A sprinkling of festive magic, a dusting of good cheer, and a happy, healthy, rosy cheeked glow. There’s only one...


Continental Chocolatiers Ta...

Welcome to the ultimate chocolate gift – a very special collection of the finest chocolates.  Hand crafted and perfectly presented...


Thorntons Wicker Hamper

There’s a wicker basket. It has faux leather straps and a handle. It’s intriguing and attractive, and, what’s more, it’s...

From £25.00

Nicely Nuts Hamper

This is a perfect hamper for someone who is nuts about nuts. The Nicely Nuts hamper is crammed full of...


Classics Collection Hamper

This is a charming chocolate hamper that is crammed with the famous and much loved Thornton’s collection, each one timeless...


Personalised Retro Sweets Jar

There are presents, and then there are presents. You know the ones; they make the stunned recipient quite literally speechless....


Decade Gift Box

As L. P. Hartley so famously said; “The past is a different country. They do things differently there.” True? Just...

From £24.95

Christmas Cracker Hamper

Christmas can be as fun or as serious as you want to make it. We recommend making it fun, though....


Whopping Penny Mix Jar

There was nothing better as a child than standing at the shop counter and watching someone count your penny sweets...


Cadbury Chocolate Wine

It has been a quandary for years in the gift buying scenario – chocolates or wine? Solve it immediately with...

From £20.00

Birthday Treasure

If you know someone who is an absolute treasure, they deserve nothing more than this – Birthday Treasure, a bonanza...


A Taste of Thorntons Hamper

Don’t disappoint any chocoholic by not giving them this gift.  We have especially chosen the best that Thorntons have to...


Continental Hamper

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but this elegant hamper from Thorntons will surely be a girl’s...


Classic Tasting Box

So you know your friend, loved one, boss, work colleague, teacher… well, anyone really… you know they like cheese. Maybe...


Large Jar of Nostalgia

This wonderful selection of sugary treats will transport you back in time quicker than Dr Who in his time machine. ...

From £19.37

Chocolate Dipping Adventure

Fancy something a bit different?  Ask a loved one if they want to go dipping but before they start stripping...

From £18.00

Movie Box

The ingredients of a great night in… what are they exactly? Well, there’s got to be snacks. There’s got to...

From £16.99